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Wednesday, 15 March 2017

Question 5: How did you attract/address your audience

Attracting and addressing the audience is a key part of a film as at the end of the day, people won't watch a film they they don't want to watch. It was very important for us to consider how we were planning to attract and address the audience as we were producing the opening sequence so we needed to make sure we hooked our audience.

The mindmap below shows how we considered the uses and gratification theory and how we related that to aspects of our film.

It is important to get feedback as it is a relatively objective form of evaluation of the video that gives a fair and balanced reflection of how effective the video was.

Here is our feedback video and a feedback text I received:

From this feedback video we were able to learn that the characterization in the video was effective as all of the characters could be remembered, we were also able to learn that our music worked well to convey the genre. They said they "loved the music"

From the feedback on texts again I learned that the characterization was effective and the continuity techniques made the storyline seem very intriguing. 

Both forms of feedback had nothing to say when asked about what we need to work on, although the people giving the feedback may have been very nice as they are our friends but I think it might just reflect how effective our video was.

I agree with the feedback and I feel that the way we introduced the characters was very effective and allowed the audience to remember exactly who the characters, that are central to the plot, are. I also agree that the continuity techniques that we used helped make the sequence appear "really intriguing".

Sian and Meera's needs for entertainment were gratified by the music in the video that they "really liked" also there need for escapism was gratified by the intriguing continuity techniques and camera work which immersed them into the world of the film. 

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