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Saturday, 4 March 2017

Construction Post 22: Reflections on our Main Shoot Session

We decided to make a shootboard to plan out the day into when and how we would take every shot. We from the test shoot we learned a lot of things, one of these being stagger out the cast call times to be much more efficient with timing and to reduce the amount of time our cast were waiting and not doing anything.

The day went very well and doing our shots in the morning before any of the other cast members got there meant that we had time to correct mistakes and try a variety of shot types that meant we could try and avoid the need for a backup shoot.

From what we learned from our test shoot we realised there were things to change and add in order to make the best video possible, such as:
  • We swapped around the actors who played Cherish and Lucy, as we thought that they would be better suited acting a different role. The actors worked a lot better in their new roles in the main shoot because we also gave the script before the shoot so they could become familiar with their new lines.
  • We also added some new shots for Cherish to increase her screen time. The new dialogue worked really well and did not majorly interfere with our shoot time, meaning none of our actors were staying longer than what was necessary.
  • We also made sure to make a note of changes in lighting and try to avoid it as this would look more natural as we wouldn't have to excessively grade shots to match.

We all had a variety of jobs such as directing, filming and acting. We thought it was good to switch roles as it meant that no one got bored and that people could add some of their creative flair to the shots.

We were all very happy with how the shoot went and what we had achieved, which is shown through the fact that we didn’t need a backup shoot.

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