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Below are the outside panels to our digipak.

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Below are the inside panels to our digipak.

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Sunday, 29 October 2017

R+P Post 13: Influences and inspiration from art, fashion and culture


Our choices of fashion are derived from pop culture and a particular focus on 90s sports and streetwear. Fashion is very important as it is a way of the youth subculture to express themselves. The fashion that we will be trying to present in our music video is "athleisure" which is a common trend now that is based off of 90s leisure wear. Research by Morgan Stanley shows that sports apparel and footwear sale have jumped 42% to $270 billion over the past seven years. And prospects for growth are strengthening, as this trend goes global whilst being propped up by celebrities.

Here is a mood board that I created to show the types of style and fashion that we plan to use in our video.


Our artist is inspired by urban/cool landscapes and designs similar to what one would see in inner city London areas like Brick Lane and Shoreditch. This type of art is typically in the form of graffiti that may be used to addresses wider social issues. Artists include Banksy, Phlegm and Stik.

Image result for banksy

Among the youth, the importance of graffiti is underpinned by cultural value as it is about reflecting the reality they see in urban environments despite how shocking it may be. It is an art available to view for the masses, a way to beautify spaces and create a sort of identity using images words and colour. It may have a broader social commentary, which is applicable to artists like Banksy who is also considered a political activist.


The youth subculture, more especially London youth subculture all share a common value system and ideology. The culture is very important to consider as our target audience are in this group as are our artists.

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