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Sunday, 15 January 2017

R + P Post 9: Our opening sequence's soundtrack

We have two chosen music tracks. The first is an instrumental remake of 'Devil in a New Dress' by Matt Dillon:

The song's smooth jazz tone sets a familiar tone to fans of crime drama as this type of music usually works in tandem with most crime dramas. We also have appeal to a younger generation as the song is an instrumental remix of a Kanye West song so this means that the song is able to appeal to a wider audience than one would expect.

We plan to use the music to go over the first titles, here it will be non-diagetic but when we reveal that raj is listening to the music it turns to diagetic with the sound perspective coming from Raj's phone when it is on camera. This is similar to this scene in The Amazing Spider-Man 2:

We chose this track for our opening sequence's soundtrack as we felt the eerie jazzy feel pays homage to the typical, neo-noir films that we drew inspiration from. For example the film Chinatown:

The music track also appears at the end of our sequence as a way to contrast to the silence when the film's title appears just as Peter's death has been announced.

We sourced this remix of 'Devil in a new Dress' from a video on YouTube, where the person who owned the remixed version of the instrumental had left a link in the description where we could download the music copyright free.

Our second track is called 'Funky Suspense,' created by Bensound:

We chose to use funky suspense as the use of more lighthearted, upbeat music is heavily associated with crime dramas that use the contrast of the drama and the music to unnerve and irritate the audience.

Similar to this scene from the ending of Pulp Fiction that uses the lighthearted track 'Surf Rider' to close the film. This track contrasts greatly with the volatile nature of the attempted armed robbery of the diner where weapons are seen in full display. This helps to create an unusually calm atmosphere due to the heavy contrasts and in turn makes it even more effective in conveying the criminal nature of the film.

We sourced the song 'Funky Suspense' from where the song is free to download and use in our video as long as we credit the owner.

Sound effects are important in conveying the drama and suspense in our scenes. In our opening sequence we use sound effects in conjunction with silence to unsettle the audience and raise the intensity. The sound effects we use are:

  • Folder sliding
  • Phone noises
  • Chairs sliding
  • Door opening
  • People whispering
The sound effects in the interrogation scene from The Matrix intensify the drama in the scene. The tinny humming, buzzing and beeping all suggest that this isn't going to be your average legal procedural interrogation and that there is something much more sinister to these people.

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