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Monday, 30 January 2017

R + P Post 19: Our rough cut

As a group, we decided that for the rough cut we would use what we learned from the animatic and create an editing schedule because during the editing of the animatic, having an editing schedule was very successful in making sure that we used our time effectively.

Our Rough Cut editing schedule

From the footage we got from our test shoot, we created a rough cut. In the rough cut we were able to see all of our shots edited together in the correct narrative order and how they worked with our planned positioning of titles and music tracks.

Our Rough Cut

Through the rough cut we were able to see that the middle to end section worked very well and showed off our films unique style of switching between the characters and subverting the audiences expectations of who would appear next.

This shot worked well to switch between the different characters

We felt that this sequence works very well as we build familiarity by swivelling back and forth between the Detective and Tyrone in their bulk of the investigation, this means that the audiences expectations are subverted when we switch back and it is Simon. The pace works well as it is not too fast that the audience are left dumbfound as to what happened but it isn't so slow that a change in characters is inevitable. Despite how much we and people who saw the shot did like it, we knew there were many improvements we could make such as tying to avoid a noticeable change in the camera position when we are switching between the characters so it looks much more seamless.

Overall, we are very proud with our rough shoot and we feel like we learned a lot that we hope to take into the main shoot, we also have a lot of improvements we need to make but overall we felt that the rough cut was a huge success. 

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