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Wednesday, 14 September 2016

HW 3a - Continuity task evaluation (BLK)

12 C Group 2 - Accident

Explain the story of your video

In my continuity sequence Kristina walks out of a lift and walks down a corridor whilst texting and because she is too preoccupied with her phone, she has an accident when she walks into a door.

How did you attempt to create narrative flow?

We tried to create narrative flow by showing Kristina walking from the lift, through the corridor and eventually crashing a door through different angles but as if it was taken on multiple cameras at once.

We also used a range of different shot types but in a logical order to mimic the characters journey through the corridor and then to the accident, this contributed greatly to the smooth narrative flow.

Our use of the 30 degree rule in shot 3 & 4 also enhanced the creative flow as the transition between the shot seemed to flow, if we had not taken the 30 degree rule into consideration, the transition would have appeared very jumpy.

We also stuck to the 180 degree rule when filming Kristina walking, as the camera only appeared on the left of her or in front or behind her it meant that the audience were not confused by the location of Kristina in relation to the camera. If we had gone on her right side, we would have broken the rule and viewer may not have been able to make sense of the scene.

Did you achieve full continuity?

No, we did do quite well but some of our shots were too long for them to appear naturally continuous, for example the first shot of Kristina walking out of the lift and saying "sorry" to Tom, was too long as the shot should have finished immediately as Kristina walked out of shot or even just before.

In the shots of the corridor, one of the doors that Kristina eventually bumps into is open but in the shot where she actually bumps into it, they are closed. That is a small change that we can make next time to enhance narrative flow.

In hindsight, what would you do differently to improve the narrative flow of your video and tell your story more effectively?

I would make sure that all of the shot lengths were very accurate; this would mean that all of the shots would correctly flow into each other, which in turn would improve continuity and narrative flow.

I would also use different shot types as I felt some of the shots I used, for example the first two shots that showed Kristina's feet and legs were too confusing, this in turn inhibited the narrative flow.

I would also have swapped the order of shot 4 & 5 as it would make the transition from shot 3 appear much smoother although because we did stick to the 30 degree rule, it was smooth anyway. 

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