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Wednesday, 14 September 2016

HW 1B- Reflections on my film still (BLK)

1) In what way can your film be described as signifying your chosen genre?

My film stills genre is teen thriller. This is signified by the young character in the shot and the worried look on his half lit, half shaded face, which utilises the chiaroscuros technique to connote the morally dubious and mysterious nature of the character. The film still also signifies the thriller genre by the use of the juxtaposition of the light, vibrant and open atmosphere that is the park and the dark and cramped feel of the area where the character is hiding. The narrative of the film is suggested due to the isolation and tension of the shot, as the audience is wondering why is this character hiding and who/what is he hiding from.

2) How did you direct the shot to achieve the desired effect?

I took the shot outside in a relatively dark area; this was very beneficial as I was able to control the lighting that got into the shot. This is how I was able to achieve the half light, half shaded look on Tom’s face, this was vital as it allowed me to convey the dubious nature of the character and it helped to anchor the genre of the film. I also chose to frame my character quite close to the border of the shot as I felt that it would look more mysterious when the character was looking out of the shot, also the next shot would show what it is that he is looking at. I chose a long shot as I thought that it would best capture the contrast between settings and therefore further highlight and emphasise the genre.

3) How did you intend the audience to 'read' or interpret your still?

My intentions from this still alone were that the audience would be able to tell the films genre and that it would stir up fear and anticipation of the unknown monster. I wanted to leave the audience full of questions, something that thrillers make an effort to do.

4) What is successful about your shot?

I think that the most successful part of this shot is the contrasts between light and dark, such as on the characters face and the contrast between the dark corner and bright park. I think that this was the most successful part as it allowed the genre of the film to be anchored through the deeper meaning and symbolism of the shot.

5) What would you do differently in hindsight?

In hindsight, I would change some of the use of the camera, such as by only putting the character and that dark corner in focus. If I played with the focus of the camera, it could further convey the feeling of isolation I tried to show in the shot.

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  1. A highly reflective and detailed analysis Sayo; super use of terminology. Some really interesting and creative ideas too. Well done.